January 31/365 / by Erika Sneeringer

31 days down and 334 days to go!  I am happy to say that I successfully completed 31 days of my first 365 project. 

If you are not familiar with a 365 project, the goal is to take at least 1 photo every single day for an entire year.  That's right, 1 photo for 365 days!  I'm very excited about this project. 

I want to document something about my life every day.  When I started off with this project my goal was to be able to document my own growth as a photographer. This will help me to try new things, learn from my mistakes and to visualize how far I have come instead of focusing on how much further I want to go!

My passion for photography will continue on a long road that will never end. I'll never reach exactly where I want to be because the more I learn and the more I'm capable of doing just makes me raise the bar and push myself even more. This year I am focusing on practicing and perfecting different photography techniques while capturing the beauty of my everyday life. I want to grow as a photographer while finding and developing my style along the way.

What started out to be a journey to grow as a photographer has already led to me slowing down and appreciating the beauty that is everywhere around us.  Mostly, it has made my lens shift gears and begin focusing more on my family and documenting our lives. I'm looking forward to another 334 days of capturing my children as they grow.


Interested in starting your own project 365? You don't need to wait until January 1 to start - you can start anytime.  Here is a link to the blog that inspired me to start a 365 and has some great inspiration and motivation.