February 59/365 / by Erika Sneeringer

59 days down, 306 to go!

February was FUN!  Fun but also really really cold!  

We have been keeping warm with lots of hot chocolate!


I can’t wait to shoot more landscapes, flowers and sunsets but I want to do it on crisp spring days or during the hot humid warmth of summer! 

February was a lot of fun. Especially on the 15th when my daughter helped me make this awesome photo, which is my favorite photo this month! 

It made me feel better after my Valentine’s day photo idea didn’t quite happen as planned.  You can read more about that here.

I’m so over this winter.  The good thing, however, it has pushed me to focus on capturing more moments with my family… ok I use the word “family” loosely because you don’t see my husband in any pictures. Really just more pictures of my kids.  He is not as cooperative and, therefore, not fun to take pictures of.  These are some of my favorite pictures this month that didn't make the cut for the photo of the day.  

The kids have been warming up to me taking more pictures of them.  I took my daughter and her friend sledding the other day and Chloe actually said, “mom, can you bring your camera and take pictures?” Music to my ears…. and duh, of course I’m bringing my camera!  It’s attached to me like an extra limb because I want to be ready to capture that perfect moment when it happens….

365 project doesn't make taking photos feel like a chore, which I was worried it might (at least not yet). Instead it forces me to pick up my camera, even on stressful busy days, giving me more time doing something I enjoy.  Sometimes when I just don't feel like doing something creative and it's only a snap shot, I'm ok with that.  Then I get great moments like this -- 

I'm grateful for Chloe's support. She's an awesome daughter and helps me with most of my creative ideas.   

I’m shooting more and loving it every day.

Cheers to many more photos and adventures in March.  Bring on Spring! Seriously, please no more snow!