Shooting for Charity / by Erika Sneeringer

I was recently honored by being asked to shoot a charity event. I was skeptical at first because it was for a celebrity golf outing.  I know nothing about golf and the idea of celebrities was a bit intimidating.  When I looked up the charity, Cool Kids Campaign, and read about the wonderful things they do for pediatric oncology patients and their families I knew I had to be a part of it.

Photo above is of former Baltimore Orioles Dennis Martinez and Ken Singelton with the president and co-founder of the amazing charity organization, Chris Federico.

You wouldn't know you were in a room full of celebrities.  Not only because I don't exactly follow sports but because they were all so down to earth, friendly and easy to chat with.

Very attractive Martinez family with none other than Steve Rogers!

Very attractive Martinez family with none other than Steve Rogers!

I had the pleasure of meeting one of their cancer patients, Juliana Carver.  She is a young teenager fighting cancer for the 5th time.  Her family was so full of hope and inspiration. 

Her quote, "I'm NOT a giver upper" is perfect.

You can follow her journey at Angels for Juliana

Shooting a day on the golf course was a blast.... once I figured out how to drive the golf cart!


It was a perfect sunny day away from the office.

There is a lot about golf I don't know... especially the fact that they have their own language.  birdie, bogey, mulligan and other things I have no idea what they mean.  

Either way, it was a great day and fun experience for a good cause!