Summer 243/365 / by Erika Sneeringer

More than half way!

Summer has come and gone.  How quickly it all becomes just a haze of memories.  Thankfully this project has helped me document some awesome moments.  Those special summertime moments to cherish forever! 

Although I did a small amount of exploring to capture the beauty around Baltimore... 

the desire to go off and explore to capture  landscapes and cityscapes has deminished. While I love photographing beautiful things...

My passion has shifted more towards photographing people.  Whether lifestyle or portraits there is nothing more beautiful than capturing life, one moment at a time.  Here are some of my favorite everyday candid moments. 

This particular day, I walked in the door from work and tripped on a million legos.  Nothing makes me happier and it is the kind of moment I wanted to have forever!  I told my husband once that when the kids are grown and out of the house, I'm going to sprinkle the floors with legos so that we can remember the happiest days of our lives.  

There is something special about capturing real moments. Dirty floors and ninja attacks.... 


I've had some fun experiences doing portrait work.  I realized that I love photographing people, not just my kids. There is something magical about capturing their beauty. 

It's been a fantastic summer and I'm sad it's over.   I've enjoyed capturing beautiful candid moments of my kids. 

I love photographing their beautiful faces. 

What is even more fun, is creating photo shoots unique to them and that capture their personalities. 

Now fall is just around the corner..... my absolute favorite time of year!