Fee Family Portrait Session (Sherwood Gardens - Baltimore, Maryland) / by Erika Sneeringer

This awesome family was very cheerful and ready for me to take their pictures bright and early, right after sunrise for our family portrait session.  We met at the beautiful Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore, Maryland.  Henry (4 years old) is just the cutest, was very chatty and had a great time corralling his little brother, Finley, for pictures.  Finley is about 20 months old and was a giant ball of energy despite the early hour.  It was great watching Finley so excited to have a huge open field to run around and make everyone chase him.  

Jon and Sarah recently moved to Baltimore, Maryland from Fort Collins, Colorado (an amazingly gorgeous town in the Rocky Mountains).  I personally moved from Wyoming to Maryland and can understand what a drastic change that can be.  I hope that Jon and Sarah fall madly in love with Baltimore just as I have.  I’m glad to have introduced the Fee family to one of my favorite gardens in the Baltimore area.