Bryant Family Photo Session (Stoneleigh - Baltimore, Maryland) / by Erika Sneeringer

The Bryant family is awesome.  My 5 year old son goes to school with and is best friends with their 5 year old son, Keller.  Keller’s mom, Margo, asked me to do their family portraits and invited my son over to play as well.  We did the pictures at their new house in the lovely Stoneleigh neighborhood in the Baltimore/Towson area.  Their house is gorgeous…. really, even my 5 year old son talked about how amazing the house was all night long!

About an hour before our scheduled photo session, a storm started to roll in.  What had been a gorgeous sunny day, was quickly turning into a gloomy, chilly and very windy evening.  I arrived a bit early to capture some shots of everyone outside before the freezing rain rolled in.  Then we headed indoors for a few more before we let the boys run off and play.

It was so much fun turning a photo shoot into a play date and getting to know Margo and Jeremy a bit more.  I think Keller’s brother, Holden, was a little sad and felt left out because he loves being the one playing with Keller, how cute!