Hermann Family Portrait Session (Baltimore, Maryland) / by Erika Sneeringer

Let me just say that as a family photographer, word of mouth referrals are the best! I had the pleasure of photographing Emily’s friend’s family last year (you can see those pictures here). When I was scheduling another shoot with the Brenner Family, Emily contacted me to schedule a time for her family shoot as well.  No better time for a family photo shoot than right before Delainey’s 2nd birthday and Lucas’ 5th birthday.  Delainey and Lucas were so cute with their birthday balloons.  And that face Delainey makes when she realizes that once that balloon floats up, it’s not coming back - priceless!

It was such a fun photo shoot - you guys rocked! Thanks for laughing at me acting like a ridiculous froggie! And a special thanks for the reminder why I always keep a few snacks in my camera bag (you never know when some teddy grahams will get rid of some tears).

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