Headshots with Model/Dancer Brooke Miller (Baltimore, Maryland) / by Erika Sneeringer

Brooke is model/dancer in LA.  She works at Disney and has been several different Disney Princesses.... can you guess which ones?

Brooke’s mom and I are good friends and her mom just so happens to also be a photographer.  When you have a gorgeous daughter like this, what better way to spend an evening than having your daughter be the model while shooting with fellow photographers?  I loved the headshots that I got of Brooke - but even better, we just had a lot of fun being silly during this shoot!  A shout out to Brooke’s talented mom/photographer, Wendy Miller, and the talented makeup artist, Lina, who helped bring this shoot to life.

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It was my pleasure to also have the opportunity to photograph Brooke’s entire family! You can see photos from that session here.